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Dormitory no. 7 „Sulimy”

Prices for student rooms (per month):

  • 1-person– 1100 PLN
  • 2-persons – 950 PLN/person
  • 2-persons (2-rooms segment) – 950 PLN/person
  • 1-person (2-rooms segm.) – 1100 PLN
  • 2-persons (4-rooms segm.) with kitchen – 1000 PLN/person
  • 1-person (4-rooms segm.) with kitchen – 1100 PLN
  • 2-persons (double bed) – 1000 PLN/person

Price for a place for students of other universities: base price + 150,00 PLN + VAT
Note! Option currently unavailable


  • deposit in the amount of one month’s dormitory fee for students of the University of Warsaw, Erasmus and MOST programs
  • deposit in the amount of two-month dormitory fees for students of other universities

What is the deadline and form of payment for living?

  • by the 20th of each month – payment by bank transfer; deposit payable in cash

Prices of guest rooms (per person):


A discount of 10% will be charged for hotel guests for accommodation over 14 days, and over 30 days a discount of 30%. The condition for getting the discount is to pay for the stay once.

What is the deadline and form of payment for living?

  • payment on the spot by cash/payment card

Dorm facilities:

  • outdoor gym
  • quiet study room
  • laundry room
  • bicycle room
  • storage room
  • banquet room
  • conference room

Room/segment facilities:

  • beds with mattress
  • bedding
  • desk
  • bookcase
  • chairs
  • fridge
  • wardrobe
  • cupboard
  • bowl
  • lamp

Check-in days and hours:


Required for accommodation:

  • student card or identity card or passport
  • two photos
  • deposit (payable in cash)

Section in preparation.
Note: Dormitory available from 2024.