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Minister’s scholarship

Granting minister’s scholarships for students is governed by the following provisions:

  • art. 93 sec. 1-3, art. 359, art. 361 and art. 363 point 1 of the Act of July 20, 2018 – Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws of 2021, items 478, 619)
  • Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of April 1, 2019 on scholarships of the minister responsible for higher education and science for students and outstanding young scientists (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 725).
  • Regulation of the Minister of Education and Science of 30 August 2021 amending the regulation on scholarships of the minister responsible for higher education and science for students and outstanding young scientists (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 1637). the rector of the university, who by 25 October 2021 should submit student applications to the ministry only through the Integrated System of Services for Science System of Financial Streams (ZSUN/OSF system). After this date, the ZSUN / OSF system will automatically close the call for applications.

Details about the scholarship [only in Polish]

Students will be able to complete their applications by October 12, 2022. After this date, the applications will be blocked and made available to employees of departments in order to check the application in the OSF system under the substantive account and possibly submit comments to the Student Welfare and Support Office UW.

Applications sent via other means than the ZSUN / OSF system (e.g. in paper form, via traditional mail or via the ePUAP platform) will not be considered.

Due to the preparation of applications by the Office for Material Aid for electronic signature by the rector, the final date for the correction of applications for a scholarship is October 19, 2022. After this date, applications will not be submitted to the rector.

Applications are submitted via the Integrated System of Services for Science, Handling of Financing Streams (ZSUN / OSF system). Each student who plans to submit an application for a minister’s scholarship (not to be confused with the rector’s scholarship) independently completes and submits such an application in the OSF system, after reporting to the Material Aid Office in order to obtain access to this system (login and password). Students who already have accounts in the ZSUN / OSF system must also apply for a new account.

To set up an account, the student should report such a request by sending an e-mail from the UW domain to the address bpm@uw.edu.pl by October 12, 2022, providing in the application the name, surname, album (index) number and the full name of the faculty (e.g. Faculty of Law and Administration) from which he is applying for the minister’s scholarship.
Pursuant to § 3 sec. 3 of the ordinance No. 279 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of 10 December 2020 on the e-mail of the University of Warsaw, the message may be left unanswered and recognized, unless the message is sent from the e-mail address associated with the University of Warsaw.

The Student Welfare and Support Office will send the login details to each student according to the timing of the e-mail.

After completing the application, please let us know (in the same thread where you previously wrote about your login details).

The minister’s scholarship may be awarded to students who demonstrate:

  • significant academic or artistic achievements related to studies


  • significant sports achievements.

A student studying several fields of study at the same time may receive a scholarship only in one field of study indicated by him.
The minister’s scholarship is available for first-cycle, second-cycle and long-cycle studies.

The scholarship is not entitled to a student:

  • if 6 years have passed since he began his studies,
  • holding the professional title:
    • Master’s degree, Master’s degree in engineering or equivalent,
    • bachelor’s, engineer or equivalent if he resumes first-cycle studies.

Only the achievements obtained by 30 September 2022 may be presented in the application. They must be the achievements obtained during the studies, so:

  • in the case of a student of first-cycle or long-cycle studies – from the date of commencement of these studies
  • in the case of a second-cycle student – from the date of commencement of the first-cycle studies preceding the second-cycle studies

In the case of previous minister’s scholarship holders, the application may only include achievements obtained from October 1 of the academic year in which the student was awarded the last minister’s scholarship.
The application must not show any achievements obtained during leaves from classes or other breaks granted in accordance with the study regulations.

The Minister may award a maximum of 840 scholarships.

The amount of the scholarship is PLN 17,000.