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PhD scholarship

If you are a doctoral school participant who took part in the so-called “Regular” recruitment, all you have to do to get a PhD scholarship is to sign a declaration in which you will indicate, among others, your account number.

Attention! The scholarship is available only to people who do not have a doctoral degree.

The doctoral stipend is PLN 3466.90 gross (PLN 3076.53 net). It is paid (without holiday break) around the 17th of each month.


If you pass the mid-term evaluation your stipend will increase to: 5340.9 PLN gross (4739.52 PLN net). In accordance with the Regulations of Doctoral Schools, regardless of the moment when you find out that your result is positive you will be entitled to an equalization of the stipend calculated from the 25th month of education.

A doctoral student with a disability certificate receives a doctoral stipend in an amount increased by 30% of the basic amount.

Doctoral scholarships are exempt from income tax, but are subject to health contributions – i.e., disability, pension and accident contributions are paid.

Attention! Doctoral students admitted to the recruitment beyond the limit (for example for work under a grant, including Preludium BIS, participation in the “Implementation Doctorate” program, NAWA programs) receive a scholarship in a different amount, in accordance with the rules of these programs / grants.

Attention! The total period of receiving a doctoral scholarship at doctoral schools may not exceed 4 years.

A doctoral student who submits his doctoral dissertation earlier than the date of completion of education provided for in the curriculum, receives a doctoral scholarship by the date on which the deadline for completing education expires, but not longer than for 6 months.

Yes, the doctoral school scholarship can be obtained with other scholarships.