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First steps, where to start?

  • A place in the student house and all benefits are granted ON REQUEST.
  • Students should use the e-mail address in the university domain for correspondence. The message may be left unanswered and recognized, unless it is sent from an e-mail address associated with the University of Warsaw (e.g. @uw.edu.pl).
  • If students contact Student Welfare and Support Office by e-mail, they are asked to provide their album number.
  • Information on the current application can be tracked in USOSweb.
  • (In USOSweb, in the COMMON SECTION – APPLICATIONS tab) the list of available applications shows those that can be submitted at the moment and the time the application will be available in the system.
  • Information on individual services can be found in the appropriate tabs on the website of Student Welfare and Support Office.
  • Detailed information on the documents to be attached to the application when applying for individual benefits can be found in the Regulations of benefits for students of the University of Warsaw.
  • After receiving information about the allocation of a place in the student dormitory, the applicant, in due time, goes to the administration of the proper dormitory, which allocates the room.
  • New students are not reported to health insurance by the university “automatically”, due to the status of a student. UW registers students at their request in the cases described in the link bpm.uw.edu.pl/en/health-insurance

Access to USOSweb is granted by the Deans’ Offices or Secretariat for Student Affairs!

How to apply for a Dormitory/ Rector’s scholarship / Social scholarship / Assistance grant?

We submit the application via USOSweb. After logging in at www.usosweb.uw.edu.pl to your individual account, go to the COMMON SECTION tab, then APPLICATIONS and select the appropriate one from the list of available applications.

When applying for a social grant, you must first fill in the income statement.

Do all first-year students receive the rector’s scholarship?

Paragraph 24 sec. 7 of the Regulations of benefits for students of the University of Warsaw indicates that the rector’s scholarship is awarded to a student admitted to the first year of first-cycle or uniform master’s studies in the year of passing the matriculation examination, which is:

  • a laureate of an international Olympiad or a laureate or finalist of a central level Olympiad, referred to in the regulations on the education system, or
  • a medalist of at least sports competition for the title of Polish Champion in a given sport, referred to in the regulations on sport, provided that he obtained this achievement in the period from starting secondary school until the last day of the deadline for submitting applications for the rector’s scholarship.

I am a first-year student, is it necessary to present a student ID when staying in a dormitory? I do not have such a document yet.

Due to the fact that you will not have an ID card, please take your identity card with others (ID card, passport).

Can Student Welfare and Support Office grant access to USOSweb faster in order to submit an application for a residence hall?

Unfortunately not. In this matter, please contact your dean’s office.

What kind of benefit can I apply for when I am in a difficult financial situation?

A social scholarship is a form of material assistance for people in a difficult financial situation due to low income. Detailed information on this type of benefit can be found in the tab “student zone” – “social scholarship”.

A one-off benefit granted upon a documented application of a student who, for reasons beyond his control, has found himself temporarily in a difficult life situation causing costly and short-term difficulties in studying is the grant. Detailed information on this type of benefit can be found in the “student zone” – “assistance grant” tab.